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About us

The Anglophone Section provides a comprehensive bilingual educational programme within the context of the French school system. Our students follow the full French national curriculum in addition to the Anglophone Section programme, working towards the Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB) in their final years. 


The Anglophone Section programme is integrated with the French curriculum differently in primaire, collège and lycée. At all levels, it is taught in a way that reflects the ethos of British, American and other educational approaches from across the English-speaking world. 


  • In primary (primaire) students work with the primary teachers to develop, expand and reinforce their English reading, writing and speaking skills. 

  • In secondary at collège level, the language & literature classes follow a programme that develops their English literacy skills, while the history / geography programme follows part of the French curriculum, adapted to the anglophone context. 

  • In secondary, lycée students in 1ère and terminale work towards the OIB. The Anglophone Section offers a choice between the British option or the American option of the OIB. Both are recognised by the French Ministry of Education and are administered in partnership with organisations in the UK and the US respectively, ensuring that standards and consistency are maintained across the international network of OIB schools.


Our Section includes over 550 children aged between 6 to 18 years old, representing many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. What unites them is their ability to speak English at a native-speaker level and their desire to learn in a multicultural environment. When they leave us, our students are well-equipped to pursue their personal, educational and employment goals anywhere in the English-speaking world.

Mission Statement of the Anglophone Section

​Our mission in the Anglophone Section is to provide an exceptional learning environment for our bilingual students. Working within the international context of the CSI Lyon, we are committed to instilling a love of learning in our students. We believe that children learn best when they are supported and respected as individuals in a safe learning environment. Our standards are high, academically and personally, and we strive to support our students as they work towards fulfilling their potential. When our students leave the school and move out into the wider world, they will do so as engaged, responsible, open-minded and tolerant global citizens, fully prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead.


Mission Statement of the Anglophone Section, CSI Lyon (2020)

How do we achieve this? 

  • ​​We provide a rich and stimulating English-language education programme for our students, which complements the French curriculum taught by our French colleagues.

  • We welcome students from across the anglophone world, adapting our teaching style to meet the needs of our students.

  • We give our students the experience of learning in an English-speaking environment with a strong emphasis on a positive approach.

  • We recognise the individual strengths, talents and interests of our students. We challenge them to push themselves forward academically and help them to develop confidence in their own abilities.

  • We encourage students to develop their independence and skills 'beyond the classroom' through a range of extra-curricular activities and Section trips.

  • We promote an appreciation of cultural, linguistic and other types of diversity both within the school and in the wider community.