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In France, secondary education is split into two distinct phases: collège and lycée. The Anglophone Section of the CSI Lyon welcomes students all through the secondary years. In France the year group that a student is placed in is determined by their age during the calendar year when the school year starts: the table below shows the age / year group equivalencies that apply. 

The secondary school day generally runs between 08h00 and 17h25, divided into ten 50-minute sequences. 

The Anglophone Section teaching programmes are organised around two subject areas: English Language & Literature and History/Geography. Students will spend between six and eight sequences each week with their Anglophone Section teachers, depending on their level in the school. The current distribution of hours per week / subject / year level is shown below, along with the key examinations that students will sit in secondary. 

* Sequence: 50 minutes

OIB to be replaced by Baccalauréat Français International (BFI) from September 2022

From September 2022 students entering première will be enrolled in the new baccalauréat français international (BFI), which will replace the OIB. This will result in major changes to the teaching programme and have an impact on the time that students spend in the Anglophone Section classes. More information about the BFI and its introduction to the school is provided on our Examinations page. Full details of the changes in the teaching programme for students in 1ère and Terminal will follow in due course. 

Curriculum and objectives in secondary

The Language & Literature curriculum from 6ème to 4ème is based on the learning objectives of English programmes in a range of anglophone countries and is designed to help students make progress in their reading, writing and speaking skills. Students are introduced to a variety of challenging and engaging texts, both fiction and nonfiction, as the main focus of the teaching. Not only are reading skills developed through these texts but they are also used to inspire different types of writing and to build the basic skills of grammar, punctuation and spelling. ​

The History / Geography curriculum is a joint programme based on the content of the French national curriculum but with an approach characteristic of the learning and teaching styles in English-speaking countries. While the programme in History is roughly chronological, from the civilisations of the Ancient world up to the contemporary era, emphasis is placed on the comparison of historical themes in different periods. The Geography curriculum focuses on an exploration of the interactions between human activity and the physical environment. 

The French secondary curriculum​

The French national curricula for collège and lycée can be found here

Bac specialité choices for 1ère students

In Première students will be required to choose which specialités they want to follow in their Bac. The options that are available at the CSI Lyon can be found here along with presentations about the course content and requirements. 

Further information about the Bac specialités is available from the school by contacting lycé