Technology at School


The Anglophone Section actively promotes the use of technology in teaching, where appropriate, to improve student engagement and knowledge retention. Technology can help students to learn independently and facilitates collaborative project work. Students are able to develop their research and presentation skills through the use of technology in the classroom and beyond.

Technology in primary 

In primary, the Section provides iPads for pupils. Teachers use a wide range of interactive and fun apps with the pupils, including the following:

  • Seesaw & Google Classroom to set and submit homework assignments.

  • Book Creator, Puppet Pals, iMovie, ChatterKid for creative reading and writing projects.

  • Padlet for note-taking and brainstorming ideas during class discussions. 

  • Clicker to improve literacy (reading and writing).

Technology in secondary

Students in secondary have access to Chromebooks and Macbook laptops. Lessons are designed to incorporate a wide range of activities: research and analysis, using images and texts to promote understanding, and opportunities for creative work. The planned use of technology empowers students to work collaboratively, to connect with other students around the world, and to develop essential skills that will help them in their studies and beyond. 

  • Google Education Suite to create virtual classrooms, giving students interactive access to lessons, resources, activities and assessments.  

  • Kahoots and other quiz / puzzle apps for fun learning activities.

  • Encyclopædia Brittanica: online access to allow for easy, up-to-date research.

  • Padlet for brain-storming and mind-mapping in the classroom.

Digital compliance

The Section's use of technology is fully compliant with current GPRD (General Data Protection Regulation)  requirements. The Anglophone Section invests in teacher training to ensure that our use of technology reflects the current best practice in educational settings. Students are asked to sign a "Digital Agreement" at the start of each year, to confirm their agreement to use technology appropriately in school.