The Anglophone Section at CSI Lyon is a fee-paying International Section hosted by the CSI Lyon, a French public (state) school, which functions accordingly. Each year, applications for places in the Section far exceed availability. As a result admission to the Anglophone Section is selective and all applicants are assessed as part of the application process. This process is overseen by the CSI Lyon administration, working in partnership with the International Sections at the school.

Before submitting an application, please read the Anglophone Section Admissions & Testing: Information for Applicants booklet. The process of applying, testing and decision-making is complex and this guide aims to make the process more transparent for applicants.

Student profile

Typically, our students are a diverse group. Many of them will be from French families that have lived in an anglophone country, or they might have attended French-English bilingual schools in France from an early age, and can be considered to be bilingual. Others will come from totally anglophone families or from Anglo-French families, and therefore have English as a ‘mother tongue’ from one or both of their parents.


We also have students whose home language is neither English nor French, but who have attended school in an international setting where English is the language of instruction, or who are from a country where English is one of the official languages.

This mix of linguistic backgrounds makes for a rich cultural experience in the Section classes, and contributes greatly to the truly international character of the school.

A challenging educational choice

Students will be studying within the framework of the French curriculum, and their Anglophone Section classes will be either additional to their French lessons, or incorporated into their French timetable, depending on their level in the school. 


  • At primary level, pupils spend six hours per week in their Anglophone Section classes, while covering the full French primary curriculum with their French teacher.  

  • At secondary level, students spend between 6-9 sequences each week in their Anglophone Section classes, which represents around 20% of their class time. 

The dual-language nature of the curriculum and the associated exam programme in secondary is a challenging educational choice, requiring real and sustained commitment to both the Anglophone Section and the French education system. To succeed, students at all levels need to be academically able, highly motivated and fully engaged in both educational programmes, and parents are expected to actively support both their children in the Anglophone Section within the CSI Lyon. 

Language requirements


It is important to note that the Anglophone Section does not teach English, we teach in English. Children applying to join the Section will be expected to have age-appropriate, native-speaker level English language skills: these will be tested during the admissions process. 


Non-French speaking students are expected to be able to integrate into their French classes as soon as possible and French language classes (Français langue étrangère (FLE)) will be provided. Specific rules apply for applicants to lycée. 


More information is provided in the Anglophone Section Admissions & Testing: Information for Applicants guide.

French, English and American grade equivalencies

In France, primary schooling begins in the calendar year when a child has their sixth birthday. The school structure is quite different to that of most anglophone countries, and the tables presented below will help parents to work out which French school year is likely to be correct for their child. 

Primary (école elémentaire) year group equivalencies
Secondary (collège and lycée) year group equivalencies