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The Cité Scolaire Internationale in Lyon (CSI Lyon) welcomes students wishing to follow an international curriculum within the French education system, leading to the BFI (Baccalauréat Français International).


The CSI Lyon has nine International Sections: Anglophone, Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish, and welcomes over 2000 students. The CSI Lyon's founding mission is to receive students coming to France from other countries and those who need to learn French before they can enter the French school system. Class groups are made up of students from across all Sections, offering a truly multicultural and multilingual learning experience.

All students at CSI Lyon follow the French curriculum. While several hours each week will be spent studying in their Section language, the majority of their classes will be taught in French. If needed, intensive French language tuition is provided to help non-French speaking students integrate into the mainstream French classes.

The primary and collège of the CSI Lyon are reserved for international pupils. The lycée is both an international high school and the state high school for students from the local area.

The senior management team of the secondary school at the CSI Lyon includes:

  • Proviseur : Mme Florence GEIB

  • Principale-Adjointe du Lycée : Madame Anne RAYMOND

  • Principal-Adjoint du Collège : Monsieur Eric DI DONFRANCESCO 

The temporary Directeur of primary is Monsieur Gilles BENINCASA.

Contact details and further information about the CSI Lyon are available on the school website.


The Anglophone Section has its own managerial structure overseen by Dr. Simon HERD, the Head of Section.

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