Each year the Anglophone Section helps to organise a wide range of events for students and their families, often in partnership with the other International Sections at the school, which gives a truly international feel to the events.

These events are key to supporting the vibrant community of families that join the Anglophone Section as we celebrate key milestones and special festivals. They also provide opportunities for the Section to raise awareness and funds within the school - and to have some fun! 

Celebrations, parties and festive events

The move from primary to secondary is celebrated with the CM2 Graduation Day, while older students enjoy "Proms" at the end of collège and again at the end of terminale, when they say goodbye to the school and their classmates at a party organised and funded solely by the students themselves. 

In primary, much-anticipated parties are organised at Halloween and Carnaval (Mardi Gras). Weird and wonderful fancy dress costumes, decorations and sweet treats abound as the parent-volunteers work with teachers to organise an afternoon of fun and frolics.


The end of the school year is celebrated in a uniquely multicultural event - the kermesse or school fair, which brings together staff, pupils and families from all the International Sections to showcase their different cultures through food, games, arts and crafts in a fun and festive atmosphere. Parent-volunteers run the various stalls and organise a range of fun events and activities for the children.

Christmas Market & International Book Fair

INTERSEC is the association which brings together all the International Sections at CSI Lyon, and which aims to develop a strong sense of community at the school. One key way of doing this is to organise school-wide events, which allow each Section an opportunity to showcase its own culture, to support families and to raise funds. Two of the largest events are the Christmas Market and the International Book Fair, both much anticipated by students and families alike.


ILYMUN Conference


ILYMUN (International Lyon Model United Nations), is a three-day conference held in Lyon each year, which is organised by lycée students and staff of the Anglophone Section working in collaboration with the International School of Lyon. The conference is held entirely in English and brings together over 300 delegates from schools across the world to debate and decide on key issues relating to a theme that changes each year. Organising and running the conference is a massive undertaking and it is clearly a hugely rewarding one for the students involved. 

Halloween Costume
Old Books
Christmas Cookies