Round Library


The Anglophone Section libraries are an integral part of our educational programme, aiming to foster a love of reading and to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for our students. 


Both the primary and the secondary libraries are run by teachers in partnership with a team of volunteer parent-librarians.

Primary library 

Each week volunteers accompany primary classes to the library to help them choose from the thousands of fiction and non-fiction English language books that are available. Throughout the year, new books are added to the library and both teachers and librarians are constantly on the lookout for new authors and titles.


The library is organised by genre and children are strongly encouraged to try a range of different books and authors. 

The primary library holds biannual competitions, special events, reading challenges such as ‘Blind Date with a Book’ and has its own 'BookFlix' display that is updated monthly. 

Secondary library

In collège and lycée, students have access to the Anglophone Section library during the school day: between lessons, at lunchtime or at the beginning / end of the day.


The library collection includes classic and contemporary fiction, and nonfiction publications that reflect the topics studied in class. The aim is to appeal to all reading levels and the varied interests of the students.


Teachers and parent-librarians consult widely with the students when considering new purchases for the library, ensuring that the collection keeps up with trends in publishing for young adults. 

Online resources for students

Collège and lycée students have access to a number of online resources to support their studies including the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

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