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Trips are a key element of the Anglophone Section teaching programme - and a lot of fun! As well as enriching their understanding of the subjects being studied in the classroom, class trips encourage students to form strong friendships and to develop their independence in a safe, supportive environment. 

6ème trip to Grotte de Chauvet

Organised by the History / Geography teachers, this day-trip takes students to visit the Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardèche: the largest decorated cave replica in the world. The original Chauvet Cave, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains an extraordinary collection of prehistoric paintings, drawings, and engravings that are faithfully reproduced in the replica.  They also visit the Aurignacian Gallery, an interactive information centre where they learn about the environment, flora and fauna that would have been familiar to the men and women living there 36,000 years ago.

1ère Culture, History & Geography trip to London

This four-day residential trip gives our 1ère students a fantastic experience, as they explore some key London landmarks, choose between the best museums and art galleries that London has to offer, and enjoy three nights at the theatre. Departing from Lyon in the early hours, travelling by train together and staying right in the centre of London at Paddington: this trip is real adventure! Regular highlights include a guided tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, visits to the Imperial War Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery and a trip to Canary Wharf to observe patterns of urban re-development in this vibrant and inspiring city. 

6ème Snow trip to Peisey-Nancroix, Savoie

This three-day residential trip is organised by the 6ème teachers to reinforce Geography studies of “Cold Zones”. It also aims to help the students build strong bonds and develop their teamwork through a series of group activities, including avalanche recovery training, dog sledding and igloo building! Accredited and highly-experienced mountain guides lead the children through a series of fun, educational activities over the three days, while the evenings are filled with quizzes, games, shared meals - and the much-anticipated boum (disco) on the last night!

2nde Drama trip to London

This four-day trip takes our 2nde Drama option students to London. Highlights include a guided tour of the Globe Theatre, a backstage tour at a working theatre and a different theatrical production each night, ranging from comedies to dramas to musicals.