INTERSEC is a non profit-making association which has been set up to strengthen the links between the many different International Sections at the CSI Lyon. Membership is free and granted automatically to anyone with a child at the CSI. As well as facilitating communication between all the Sections, INTERSEC organises school-wide events during the year, which aim to raise funds and awareness. 

INTERSEC is run entirely by volunteer parents and new parents are always welcome. For further information, please check their website, or contact them at: csi.intersec@gmail.com



Parents' associations in France


In France, parents' associations play an active role in the running of schools and are represented on various school committees (conseils). These associations have official status and are very influential in the life of the school. At CSI Lyon the two main parent associations are represented and elections for parent representatives take place at the start of the school year. Further details are available from the contacts given below, and parents will generally receive detailed information at la rentrée. 


  • PEEP (Parents d’Elèves des Écoles Publique). The oldest of the associations had its origins in secondary schools, but is now also represented in all schools and universities. For more information, please contact: csipeep@gmail.com.


  • FCPE (Fédération des Conseils des Parents d’Elèves)– is an association that had its origins in kindergarten and primary schools, but now also has representation in secondary schools. For more information, please contact: contactcsi@fcpecsi.org.