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Kids in Technology Class
Painting Class


Activities for primary pupils give the children an opportunity to develop different skills, to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom and to have some fun with their friends during the school day! A sample of the activities offered to primary pupils is given below. 

Coding Club

Children learn to write simple code in a variety of fun projects. 

Lego Club

Playing with Lego is a great way for children to develop their small motor skills, to get creative and to have fun! As well as free play, children are encouraged to tackle certain projects, working individually or in a group to achieve their aims. 

Library Club

The primary Library Club gives children an opportunity chance to explore new authors and different styles of literature, broadening and reinforcing the reading that they do in their lessons. They also get to contribute to the organising and running of the Primary library, learning new skills as they do so. 

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