In Primary, the Anglophone Section offers a range of lunchtime activities.

Box of Crayons

Mindfulness Colouring Club

Children are introduced to "colouring for mindfulness". They are given complex patterns to colour in, with the emphasis on careful and focused colouring. They have time to be calm, reflective and thoughtful. It also teaches them to think about their colouring techniques and what different media they can use. Colouring is a great way to relax, and can have benefits for children's physical and mental well-being. 

Painting Class
Technology Class

"Makey Makey" Technology Club


Makey Makey is an invention kit for 21st century classrooms which allows pupils to explore a whole range of science topics from conductivity to computer programming.  Projects might include building a simple circuit,  writing some computer code or finding out whether bananas can conduct electricity - and then using them to play a tune! 

Technology at School
Teacher and Kids in Library

Library Club a.k.a. The Library Angels!


Helping hands are always needed in the Primary Library to sort, label, check and store the books. In this club our CM2 students are encouraged to participate in running the library. As well as developing a sense of responsibility and independence, pupils learn about the different genres and help promote a love of reading through recommendations, displays and events.

At the Library
Image by Deva Darshan

Board Game Club


Board games are a great way for children to ​learn about working collaboratively, sharing with others and being resilient. They also help to reinforce many of the skills taught in the classroom like reading, planning and counting - and, just as importantly, they are great fun! Favourite games include Rummikub, Quirkle and many others, new and old. 


Image by Randy Fath