The Anglophone Section is an Association loi 1901, which is a not-for-profit organisation governed by French law. The APESA Board reviews the tuition fees annually, with the financial statements and the budget approved at the Annual General Meeting each year. 

The school fees cover all the costs that are involved in running the Anglophone Section. School fees increase on a yearly basis (usually between 2.5%-5%) in line with staff salary increments, increases in the cost of living, investments in new technology and other Section projects.

What is included in the school fees?

The annual school fees cover all the costs of tuition within the Anglophone Section, including extracurricular activities, access to technology in the classroom and library services. 

Parents should note that the following costs are not included in the annual school fees: 

  • IGCSE examination fee for 2nde students (mandatory)

  • Drama option fee (for 2nde students that choose this option)

  • School trips and outings

  • In France, students are expected to purchase their own stationery including pens, paper, folders etc and lists of required stationery are produced each year.

  • Textbooks are usually available for loan to students, but they may be asked to pay for copies of specific workbooks or reference books / texts (some of these are purchased by the Anglophone Section on their behalf).

  • School transport costs and cantine (school lunches) costs are not included. These are provided by the CSI Lyon, and parents will pay for these separately.

Deposit payment

A deposit payment of 10% of the total school fees for each new and returning student must be made before the start of the school year.

Siblings discount

Where more than one child from the same family joins the Anglophone Section, discounted fee rates will apply.

School fees for 2022 / 2023

  • Individual Rate: Parents are responsible for the payment of the school fees. Please find individual rates here.

  • Company Rate: Employer pays the whole or part of the school fees. Please find company rates here.


NB: School fees for the following school year are usually published in May.


Administration fee

A non-refundable administration fee of €95 per child is charged for all applications to the Anglophone Section.