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School closure from 5th April: a return to distance learning

As you will be aware, the government has made the decision to close schools across France from the 5th April. The school holidays have also been brought forward for Zones B and C. All schools, from crêche to lycée, will be closed for a week from 6th to 9th April (Monday the 5th is a public holiday). After the two-week holiday period, secondary schools (collège and lycée) will remain closed for a further week, while the primary school will reopen on the 26th April. Distance learning will be put in place at all levels until the school reopens.

While the return to online teaching and learning is clearly a challenge, the Anglophone Section is well placed to respond to this situation. Our teachers and students have a great deal of experience to call on, given that they have been using Google Classrooms (in secondary) and Seesaw (in primary) to organise their teaching and learning for several years now. The sustained investment of time and other resources in educational technology and expertise are paying dividends now, as teachers and students are able to make a seamless - and hopefully short-lived - move to distance learning at home.

The Anglophone Section staff will be working hard to support our students’ learning throughout this difficult period and we look forward to welcoming the students back to their classrooms as soon as it is possible to do so.


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