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International Language Week at CSI Lyon

International Language Week (17th to 21st May) has been a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity of languages and cultures that are represented at CSI Lyon. As well as the 9 International Sections at the school, many of our families also speak other languages at home or with their families. The aim of Language Week is to explore some of the many ways that language is used - and to have some fun!

This year, due to the current situation, it has not been possible to organise the usual programme of trips and other events. Nonetheless, the various language sections in the primary school have worked together to organise lot of fun events including visits from parents and other speakers and other activities focusing on different ways to use language. A children's author / illustrator visited the CE2 pupils to talk about creating a children's book, while the CM1 have looked at recipes, making their own foccacia bread and fruit salad in class.

A big thank you to all the primary teachers and parent-volunteers for helping to make the Anglophone Section Primary Language Week such a great success.


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