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Anglophone Section alumni from around the world inspire 1ere students

Each year, as part of our University Counselling service, the Anglophone Section invites former students to visit the school to talk about the various study and career paths that they have followed since leaving the Section. This year, due to the ongoing sanitary restrictions at the school, the Alumni Conference was held online - but it was no less valuable an experience for that.

On 6th January nearly 40 former students from Canada, the USA, the UK, Germany, Singapore and Australia gathered online to share their experiences with our 1ere students. Following a welcome from the Head of Section, five keynote speakers made presentations to the whole group on specific topics. In the second half of the session, participants were able to select two "themes" that they were interested in and to attend smaller workshops on these. The individual sessions allowed the students to explore the realities of studying abroad, and of pursuing different career paths such as law, engineering, politics and science.

On behalf of the 1ere students we would like to thank all the former students who gave so generously of their time. Thanks also to M. Badou for his behind-the-scenes technical support and organisation, which made this event a great - and inspiring - success.

University Counselling Service

Following the conference, 1ere students are encouraged to explore the UNIFROG service, which provides a comprehensive guide to careers and English-language university courses across the world. Upcoming information events include a presentation from a former OIB student, currently studying at Harvard, to talk about why our students should apply to the top US universities and how they can be successful in their applications. Contact the University Counsellors for more information.


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