La rentrée (back to school) is a hectic time for families, teachers and students alike. In this section we have brought together all the information that Anglophone Section families need to be aware of for the start of the academic year.

Current parents might also wish to visit our New Families page, which includes a Guide to Everyday Life at CSI Lyon

All parents will want to check out the Stationery Lists page, which provides information about which stationary and other items children are expected to bring with them to school. 

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In this section you’ll find everything that you need to know to ensure that the start of the school year goes smoothly. Up-to-date information for the current year will be made available as and when it is received from the CSI Lyon administration. 

The dates of all the school holidays (calendrier scolaire) and la rentrée can be found on the official French government website.



The CSI Lyon administration for primary and secondary will provide schedules for the first few days of term, which outline when the different year groups are expected to present themselves at the school and the arrangements for the various meetings and presentations that will take place for parents and for students.


Secondary (collège and lycée)

For older students the return to school is usually staggered, so you should not expect your child to be in school every day of the first week. To facilitate organisation different year groups are welcomed on alternate days, so you should make sure to clarify which day your child is expected to be present and then to begin lessons.



For primary pupils, all pupils are generally welcomed together on the first day, and then begin lessons on the next school day.


Schedules will be made available on the CSI Lyon website (in French) and on this page (English and French versions) when they have been confirmed by the CSI Lyon administration. Copies will also be sent directly to parents by email from the Anglophone Section.

Further details and back-to-school 2021-2022 schedules will be available at the end of August 2021