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The Anglophone Section at CSI Lyon is a fee-paying International Section hosted by the CSI Lyon, a French public (state) school, which functions accordingly. Each year, applications for places in the Section far exceed availability. As a result admission to the Anglophone Section is selective and all applicants are assessed as part of the application process. This process is overseen by the CSI Lyon administration, working in partnership with the International Sections at the school.

Before submitting an application, please read the Anglophone Section Admissions & Testing: Information for Applicants guide.


The process of applying, testing and decision-making is complex and this guide aims to make the process more transparent for applicants.

Applying to the CSI Lyon and the Anglophone Section

Admissions Priorities & Selection Criteria

Each year, applications to the school far exceed the number of places that are available and the CSI Lyon is unable to accept all the candidates that apply. The reasons for this are outlined below.


1. At all levels students must demonstrate age-appropriate, native-level proficiency in all aspects of English language. IN addition, the dual-language nature of the curriculum and the Baccalauréat programme in lycée is a challenging educational choice, requiring real and sustained commitment. Students need to be linguistically and academically very able, highly motivated and fully engaged in both curriculums.


2. The school is required by the Academie de Lyon to apply certain ‘priority admissions criteria’ for applicants, which are listed on the CSI Lyon website and below (in English).

  • Priority 1: Children from partner institutions ( including Interpol, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Consulates).

  • Priority 2: Non-French speaking children arriving from overseas. 

  • Priority 3: French-speaking children arriving from overseas.

  • Priority 4: Other non-French speaking children already residing in France.

3. Parents should also be aware that the number of places available in certain year groups are particularly limited. In 2023, for example, only four students were accepted into 1ère, five into 3ème & one into 5ème. The likely number of places available at the school for the year beginning September 2024 are available on the school website here.

As such, admission to the Anglophone Section at the CSI Lyon is selective and all applicants are tested as part of the application process. The testing process is overseen by the CSI Lyon administration working closely with all the International Sections.


Families applying to the Anglophone Section need to be aware that the final decision regarding applications rests with the administration of CSI Lyon and not with the Anglophone Section. The Anglophone Section organises the language tests, and reports back to the CSI Lyon administration, but the Anglophone Section cannot guarantee the outcome of any application.

How can I find out more about the school and the Anglophone Section?

Many questions about the school and the Anglophone Section are answered in our FAQs here

You can also use the Enquiries Form on our Contact page to get in touch. 

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