In France students are generally expected to purchase their own stationery, workbooks (cahiers) and other supplies for use in the classroom. Lists are made available by the CSI Lyon administration before the end of the school year, for the year ahead, and are usually given directly to students by their professeur(e) principal(e).

Stationery lists for French classes 2021 - 2022


Please click on the links given below to access the 2021-2022 stationery list for each year level. These lists will be updated at the end of the school year, for the year ahead.

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Stationery lists for Anglophone Section classes 2021-2022


In collège and lycée Anglophone Section teachers may provide an additional list of supplies and / or texts to be purchased. This will be given to students during the first week of classes. 

For primary pupils, Anglophone Section teachers have prepared a separate list of supplies that are to be brought to school at the start of the year and which will be stored in their classroom. 

Primary Stationery List 2020-2021.jpg