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Edition 1 - November 2021



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Snippets from Primary

CP: Courageous heroes and pesky villians! 

In CP we have been using lots of different books to help us learn about all kinds of new and exciting things! At the beginning of the term, we fell in love with Chris Haughton’s books and used them to learn about thought bubbles and what characters could be thinking.


We used ‘Superbat’ to help us learn about adjectives - how to describe those courageous heroes and pesky villains! The beloved Julia Donaldson’s ‘Room on the Broom’ helped us to sequence a story and - even more difficult - how to retell a story in our own words!

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CE1: Supertato v's Evil Pea! 

The CE1s were welcomed by a very bizarre scene one Monday morning when their classroom seemed to have been taken over by a certain troublesome Evil Pea! After some careful detective work by the CE1s, we discovered that Evil Pea was on the loose, but not to worry, Supertato wasn’t too far from the crime scene! 

We used the story ‘Supertato’ as inspiration to write our own Super-vegetable stories. Our writing focused on using speech marks, said synonyms, connectives and lots of adjectives. We even turned our written stories into videos using the app Puppet Pals. 

CE2: befriending dragons and battling pirates!

The CE2s have had a fantasy-filled start to the term, with dragons and pirates galore thanks to the wonderful stories of Cressida Crowell! Alongside our reading of How to Train your Dragon and How to be a Pirate, we have written sword-fighting instructions, a pirate kenning and a non-fiction text on a dragon of our own.

CM1 & CM2: reading about some 'big' issues

Our CM1 and CM2 pupils have been tackling some really big issues in their reading and writing topics this term. ​

CM1 have been reading A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park. This story has started conversations on topics ranging from war, refugees, displacement, hope and resilience. Within this book are two stories set in Southern Sudan, one in 1985 and the other story is set in 2008. One is based on true events and the other is fictional. 


CM2 have been reading Holes. While this story has a light-hearted side to it, it raises many thought-provoking issues, not least racial discrimination, bullying and fate. As well as exploring the ways in which these themes are developed through the novel, the pupils have been working on our own writing skills, culminating in the writing of a “missing chapter” for the book. 

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