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Edition 4 - June 2022



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Snippets from Primary

CP & CE2: safari trip to Peaugres

Our CPs and CE2s spent Tuesday of Language Week 'on safari' at the Peaugres Animal Park!

The morning was spent admiring the huge range of exotic animals that can be seen on foot: the CE2s have recently made documentaries about several of them (see below).


After a welcome picnic at lunchtime, we settled back in our coach to enjoy a guided tour around the drive-through safari area. Here we were treated to the sight of a large number of animals with their young - which later generated some thought-provoking discussion around the conservation role that zoos can play.


Many thanks to William, our TA, and mums, Emily and Emilie - we couldn’t have run the trip without you!

Safari Trip to Peaugres.png

CE1: welcome to the
Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party.jpeg

Hats off to the CE1s who were the most gracious guests at our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party during Language Week!


We started off the morning making our own Alice in Wonderland-themed snacks for the tea party, all dressed in our maddest hats of course! The tea party followed (minus the actual tea) but we enjoyed our snacks all the same.


We made the most of the good weather by finishing off the morning playing games in the park - including a good old-fashioned game of rounders!

CE2: watch out  Attenborough & Spielberg!

Back in the classroom, the CE2s have been busy creating their very own nature documentaries!


After some extensive research and note-taking about a wild animal of their choice, the students wrote a script for their documentary using all this new information. Using iMovie, they then recorded themselves reading their script, accompanied by images and video clips of their chosen animal. They even edited their documentaries themselves, sometimes adding in background music and transitions for effect - we may have discovered the next Steven Spielberg!


We have gathered all the documentaries together on our very own website: click below to learn about red pandas, snow leopards, African elephants and many, many other animals!

Animal Docs.jpg

CM1: learning about Mayan art techniques and masks

We had a lovely Mayan art morning in CM1. The students very much enjoyed mixing different colours to produce the shades they needed for their masterpiece. In Ms Ayers’ classroom, CM1 explored Mayan masks, and discovered how masks still play an important cultural role in Central America today - especially Mexico! We then designed our own masks that used elements from Ancient Mayan and modern Mexican traditions, making creations that represented different gods, elements or animals. We used tonal colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, built relief using cardboard and used a sponge technique to create an ombre effect! They looked awesome and we had a great time.

Sports Day for CE1, CM1 and CM2

This year Language Week started on Monday 30th May. We started with a burst of energy and our CE1s, CM1s and CM2s all took part in Sports Day in Parc de Gerland. Our teams this year were the blue, orange and yellow teams. Our students took part in a variety of events, from the very competitive egg and spoon to the sprints. After a morning of cheering, running and lots of fun, the Blue team were the overall winners!

CM2: exploring music, science and photography during Language Week Workshops

A big shout out to the wonderful parents and our excellent teaching assistant, William, for creating an extra special experience for our CM2 students during Language Week!


The students were able to explore three, very different, practical workshops, each hosted by experts in their field. These ranged from sampling music production and photography, to extracting the DNA from a banana!


CM2 were curious and full of questions as they learned new skills and thought about the commonplace in a new light. 

CM2 Language Week 1.png
CM2 Langauge Week.png
CM2 Langauge Week 3.png
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