Edition 3 - June 2021



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   Snippets from Primary

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Celebrating International Language Week

This term our primary classes have enjoyed an action packed International Language Week. A busy programme was created by the teachers, including visiting speakers, cooking sessions, outdoor sports and many other activities to stimulate the pupils interest in and their awareness of the many different ways that we can use language.

Zoom into space with CP... rockets away!

CP’s space themed day was out of this world! From learning about the solar system, to launching our own balloon rockets, the CPs had a fun-filled day jam-packed with activities! The morning started off with learning about the solar system with a fun song and making their own solar system hats! They also made their own play dough from scratch and used it to create an alien friend for Beegu, a character from a book they have been reading in class. Like the CE2s, the CPs even had time for a visit from an author and illustrator, Keith Preedy, who shared with them the beginnings of his new children’s book and helped them create their own flying machines! In the afternoon we kept the fun flowing by designing and painting our own planets and launching balloon rockets in the classroom! All that action tired us out so we finished a lovely day in the library with some space-themed story time.

CE1's Marvellous Medicine-making session

Language week went with a bang as we experimented in the style of ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. Working in groups, we created lava lamps and balloon rockets in the first session of the day. We learnt about solids, liquids and gasses and made our own hypotheses and predictions. In the second session of the day, the children created a non-Newtonian fluid and tried to make it dance on top of a speaker, then we used red cabbage water to test the acidity of a range of substances.


In the afternoon we headed outside and had lots of fun launching our home-made rockets in the park.

CE2 explore healthy living and meet a book illustrator

The CE2s enjoyed a varied and action-packed day, mostly on the theme of healthy living, their current class topic. Fruit smoothies and energy bars were prepared in the morning, while the afternoon was spent designing and testing out obstacle courses in the park. Four key fitness skills had to be targeted with the equipment given: agility, coordination, balance and speed. Thank goodness for the energy bars! The children also enjoyed a presentation by parent Keith Preedy, who shared with them the beginning of a children’s story he has been writing. After admiring some of his outstanding illustrations, Keith set the children to work on some illustrations of their own.

CM1 baking bread, chopping fruit - and running it all off!

Our CM1 students spend the morning of language week cooking! We started with a team effort of making focaccia bread which worked very well! Some rose more than others - but that did not stop the students sampling and enjoying their new found bread making skills! We also made a fruit salad and spent some time researching the nutritional value of some of the ingredients we used- such as blueberries. 


After a morning of baking we had a much-needed trip to the park to play some games. We started our afternoon with a team scavenger hunt requiring everyone to use their communication and collaboration skills effectively: all of our teams rose to the challenge and did a fantastic job. Our students also took part in a sack race… which proved to be very challenging and exhausting! We ended the day with a double-Dutch skipping challenge! 

CM2 entrepreneurs get creative with their magnetic inventions

Magnificent magnetism was our focus for this year’s language week. Our students conducted experiments to discover, for example, which materials acted as a shield and broke the magnetic force. 


In teams, they then had to create a new invention that they felt could be introduced into the market that requires magnets or a magnetic field to work. They had to ensure that their product had a unique selling point (USP) and identify their target audience. This challenge was conducted like an episode of Dragons Den (a British TV show for entrepreneurs to showcase their new ideas and designs to a panel of judges- similar to Shark Tank in the USA) and was great fun for staff and students.