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Edition 3 - April 2022



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Snippets from Primary

New baby chicks hatch out... just in time for Easter! 

The CP class has gained some new and adorable class mates recently, after waiting patiently for 21 days for them to hatch!


We took this opportunity to learn all about the different members of a chicken family and studied the lifecycle of a hen. The students recorded themselves explaining how the lifecycle of a hen works, and used their recordings to help them write about each step of the cycle. We felt very lucky to  be able to watch the hatching stage in real life in our very own classroom!

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CE1: reading some
fairytales... with a twist!

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In the deep, dark woods, CE1 have met some strange characters telling them not to believe everything they’ve heard in fairytales… You may think you know about what happened to the three little pigs, but Mr Wolf has his own side of the story, too.


Poor Prince Cinders didn’t quite get the help he expected from the Dirty Fairy, and did the Frog Prince really live happily ever after? We’ve been exploring fairytales with a twist - and finding them magical! 


This imaginative topic has given us lots of motivation to write, expanding our vocabulary with adverbs, figurative language and powerful adjectives. What’s next? A theatrical performance of our favourite ‘Twisted Tales’! 

CE2: reading and talking about animals in captivity


The CE2s have begun reading The One and Only Ivan, a first-personal narrative inspired by the true story of a gorilla kept as an exhibit in a shopping mall for 27 years.


Ivan’s poignant accounts of his friendships and his non-judgmental portrayal of his troubled owner, have led us to explore the concepts of empathy and point of view.


We have also thought deeply about the pros and cons of keeping animals in captivity, both through formal debate and a written balanced argument.


If only the bell didn’t mean we have to put the book down or stop our wide-reaching discussions - we’re hooked!

CM1: exploring behind-the-scenes of the CSI Lyon

Our "Explorers" project started off well with our CM1 students having the opportunity to explore the CSI collège and lycée buildings, with our very own Tom Badou playing tour guide. Tom showed us the classrooms, the offices, the gymnasium, the accueil and even some secret hidey-holes where only the janitors dare to go!


Looking further afield, we have been learning about Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen, and their race to the South Pole. We looked at videos, information sheets and news articles to analyse why one team succeeded and why the other team sadly succumbed to the harsh elements. 


CM2: a 'riches to rags' story


Esperanza Rising is the powerful “Riches to Rags” novel that we’ve been studying in class by Pam Munoz Ryan. Initially set in Mexico, Esperanza’s wealthy family faces tragedy and she and her mother must move to California to start a new life in a labour camp during The Great Depression. 

This thought-provoking text has led to discussions on immigration, poverty and privilege. Our lessons have spanned historical context lessons on the Dust Bowl, and examined the impact of the imagery Munoz-Ryan uses to symbolise Esperanza’s journey and personal growth. Our news reports offered us an exciting opportunity to use our research and presentation skills and our final written piece consolidates many of the skills we have been honing throughout the year.

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