Edition #2- March 2021



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   Snippets from Primary

The CE1’s have had an action-packed term since Christmas. Many weeks have been spent  adventuring with dragons. The CE1’s designed their own dragons using similes in the style of the book ‘Tell me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris, and used all their dramatic skills to retell the story of ‘The Egg’ by M.P Roberson. They even created their own dragon’s eyes out of clay when learning the poem ‘Dragons Eyes’ by Michael Pendragon. Ms Leisure and Ms Fullerton, our CE1 teachers, have put together some recordings of the CE1 pupils reciting their Dragon Poems and displaying their clay dragon eyes. 

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Dragon Poem 1 KF.png
Dragon Poem 2 KF.png
Dragon Peom CL.png

We finished off the term by reading ‘Flat Stanley’ by Jeff Brown and sending off our own Flat Stanleys to friends and family around the world for an adventure. We can’t wait to hear what they have been up to when they get posted back to us!

Ms Fullerton's CE1 class - video 1

Ms Leisure's CE1 class

Ms Fullerton's CE1 class - video 2

The CE2s embarked on an all-systems-go transport project this term, which took them out of school, conducting and writing up surveys. A lively rocket balloon experiment was followed by a virtual talk on rockets and satellites by ex-CSI student Jérémie Joannès, now working in this field. A jigsaw learning session had the children exploring and teaching each other about various modes of transport. The specialised knowledge and terminology they picked up in the course of this unit was put to good use in their descriptions of their hilariously innovative vehicles designed to win the world-famous Wacky Races!

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In CM1 we followed the footsteps of the two main characters in our class novel A Long Walk to Water. We looked at a map of Africa to identify the country where the story is set, South Sudan, and some of the surrounding countries.


This book has been able to ignite many class discussions and has encouraged all of our CM1 students to think critically about the challenging situations the characters find themselves in.


The book has introduced us to the Honeyguide bird and we have conducted lots of research about honey and the benefits of eating honey.

NC 03:21 9.png
NC 03:21 8.png

Last term in CM2 we were lucky enough to have some guest speakers visit the classrooms to tell us all about everyday life in the United States of America! Each of these special guests (who are the parents / babysitters of some of our students) were able to give us a great insight into the USA.


To follow this up, each of our students produced a project about one American state. They identified areas of interest for their research, such as: location, climate, food, tourist attractions and used the information in their finished work. 

Statue of Liberty
Road to Monument Valley
USA Flag

The CPs have learned all about "non-fiction" this term! Using "green screen" technology they made information videos where they jumped into their chosen books to tell us what we could expect to find inside the pages.


They also explored one important type of non-fiction text: instructions. They have written their own set of instructions after planting shamrocks in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day...☘️ . They took photos of each step and used these to write careful step-by-step instructions. Let’s hope they grow on time!