Edition #2 - March 2021



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News from Collège 

 6ème History / Geography 


Our young scholars have been studying the Roman Empire in depth and identifying the various technologies that the Romans have contributed to our society, even today. By looking at The Fall of Rome, students have been discovering all the things that can (and do) go wrong when, for example, emperors are young and inexperienced, when empires grow bigger than they are able to handle, and many other reasons. Using good deductive reasoning students decided what they felt was the most important reason for the eventual fall of Rome and the Roman Empire.

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5eme Language & Literature


Students are currently focused on researching and creating their very own TedTalk. Persuasive writing was our focus and, after examining the great persuasion in Marc Antony’s speech from Julius Caesar, students are choosing something they feel passionate about to present to their classmates. From examining what makes a good speech, to pitching their idea to the class, students are now working on creating their own persuasive speech. The chosen topics range from whether zoos should still exist to how we can create greener cities. These students are certainly going to make our future brighter!

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4eme Language & Literature


We have just finished studying An Inspector Calls and the students really did an excellent job examining the main topic of social responsibility. Class discussions ranged from strong debates into who was really responsible for the young girl’s death in the play to broader discussions about responsibility in our society. It has been amazing to watch them develop their arguments and defend their ideas with strong examples both from the text and from real life experiences. We are now moving on to study the Merchant of Venice and expect that this text will raise other issues for discussion and debate. 

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3eme History / Geography

We are continuing to study the Cold War (1947 - 1991) and more particularly specific episodes during this period including the Berlin Blockade and the Cuban missile crisis. We are now moving on to talk about the Vietnam War (1955 - 1975). To set the scene and get an overview of the whole event the students have completed a time-line of the war. With the Brevet oral coming up in May, students are working on developing the skills that they will need for this: analysis, expression and the ability to support their opinions with evidence. Undoubtedly, this engaging topic will provide many opportunities to develop these skills. 

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