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Edition 1 - November 2021



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Primary library

Ms Ayers, primary library coordinator

The Primary Library is a trove of wonderful books for the children to access. All the primary classes visit the library at least once each week and are encouraged to explore a range of genres: despite this we still have loads of fantastic books that seem to fly under the radar! To continue to develop open-minded readers and shine a light on the forgotten gems stocked in our library, we’ve launched a new collection that highlights "un-read" books from a chosen genre every couple of weeks and ask children to take at least one: we started with "Spooky and Horror for Halloween"! 


We continue to have wonderful volunteers and student monitors who help us out, to whom we give a big Thank You!


Watch this space for exciting news on the Book Club podcast after the Toussaint holidays!


Collège & lycée library

Ms Rozé, collège & lycée library coordinator

The Secondary Library just keeps getting better and better - and busier and busier as the Covid restrictions lift and we are able to re-open to volunteers and students!

Latest news includes:

  • A big Thank You to all the parent-volunteers who have been coming in recently to help us re-organise the stock and give the library a much-needed facelift:  it is so much easier to find all the books we love! It's great to have you all back, helping our and supporting the students to read more.

  • Just before the holidays our 2nde students spent some time choosing a book to read, so make sure to ask your children what they chose - and what they thought of their choices. 

  • The secondary library has now re-opened for students during permanence! While numbers in the library at any one time are limited to 15 students this is a big step forward for us and we are happy to welcome students back for some quiet reading time during the day. Keep your ears open for further information about accessing the library during perm. 

As always the library catalogue is available online for browsing. We are always open to requests and recommendations for new purchases, so contact Ms Rozé if you want to suggest any titles. 

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