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Edition 3- June 2021



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In Other News...

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2nde Drama Option

End of year show: pandemic theatre - in masks!


Students took their LAMDA exam on June 4th and presented two monologues to an on-line LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) examiner.  They decided to turn it into a show for their families by each choosing one monologue to perform. In between each monologue, they invented scenes with each other using the characters from their pieces. They had two weeks to get it ready and the result was excellent! 

Primary Kermesse

Thanks to all our parent-volunteers for their support!

Tiffany CONROY, Ophélie PHILIPOT & Anthony BERT: Kermesse organisers.

The primary kermesse (school fair) was held on Friday 18th June and was a great success thanks to the hard work of all involved. The all-day event was coordinated by INTERSEC with volunteers from the international Sections working together to organise the activities. Tiffany Conroy, Ophélie Philipot (organising the volunteer rota and communications) and Anthony Bert (who used his 3D printer and DIY skills to produce a highly professional, laser-cut Anglophone Section sign and the board for the Olympic Ring Toss activity) took on the roles of joint organisers for the Anglophone Section.

Each Section was asked to organise games and activities for the children. The Anglophone Section came up with two different "stalls": a "Hockey Tour of Tokyo" (hockey stick & ball slalom-type course around cones decorated with landmarks of Tokyo) and an "Olympic Ring Toss" (coloured rings had to be thrown over the Olympic coloured hooks). Both activities were popular with all age groups and abilities.


The children were given Kermesse tickets that they could "spend" at the stalls of their choice and were rewarded with a gift and a cold drink at the end of their sessions. Each year group was given a one hour slot to explore the different activities on offer, so while the Kermess was not quite as hectic as usual there was still a good buzz. The rota of parent volunteers was also restricted to 4 per section per time slot.  This worked well – and several parents kindly volunteered for more than one slot.  On the occasional quiet moment on the Anglophone stand, a couple of dads could be spotted having a race among themselves on the Hockey Tour of Tokyo course!

Due to the sanitary restrictions there were no individual section food stands this year, but an Italian ice-cream machine had been installed which was an inspired bonus for all the children and was very popular.  Luckily for some of the parent-volunteers, there was some ice cream left over in the machines at the end of the afternoon which M. Fino kindly served to grateful parents. 

The weather stayed fine all day – though the wind did its best to blow over the ring-toss board and the Tokyo landmark flags!

"We’d like to thank all our parent-volunteers who helped make the day such fun for the children.  Every one of them was enthusiastic and supportive and made for a great atmosphere. This year’s Kermesse has been the first time in sadly too long that parents have been able to gather, albeit in small numbers, and share an experience together and with their children.  It is such a valuable and rewarding way of participating in the Anglophone Section. With glimmers of hope for the future, we look forward to welcoming many more of you (parents) to assist in activities like the Halloween party, Carnaval, next year’s Kermesse – and the Anglophone libraries too!" - Tiffany Conroy, APESA parent-volunteer and Kermesse co-organiser. 

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