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Edition 2 - January 2022



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ILYMUN 2021: Conference Report

Global pandemic? Travel restrictions? School and hospitality closures? No problem!


Despite the many, many obstacles that came their way, the ILYMUN Executive Team were determined to organise and deliver the annual ILYMUN conference.


Working closely with Mr Miller, Mr Rattos and Mr Badou they explored the different ways that they could take the conference online, eventually settling on a combination of platforms and technical solutions that would allow them to discuss, debate and vote - and have some fun as well. Clever use of social media and the positive attitude of all the students involved ensured that the conference went ahead as planned and was an excellent learning experience for all involved. 

Congratulations to all the students (and staff) at CSI, ISL and elsewhere who gave so generously of their time, expertise and patience to make this event such a resounding success!

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The ILYMUN 2021 Executive Team: (clockwise from left) Mathilde Le Luyer, Sarah Cotte, Raphaëlle Muller-Fuega, Marine Balay, Emma Andreetta, Maja Miszyńki, Toma Gouveia. 

Find out more about ILYMUN

Visit the ILYMUN website to find out more about the history of ILYMUN, the various committees that were established, the debates and the voting results.

In this selection of articles and videos from the 2021 Conference you can find out more about the committees, the topics of discussion and the debates - and what goes on behind-the-screens!

Special focus: the ILYMUN 2021 Press Team

This year, the Press Team played a more important role than usual in ILYMUN. Not only were there the annual trailer and the opening and closing ceremonies to film, but due to the conference being online, the content the Press Team put out allowed ILYMUN to be seen, to be heard, and to show the world that despite these uncertain times, young people everywhere continue to be engaged in finding solutions to major global issues and making the world a better place.


That’s not to say we were without complications! Adapting to our organisation being almost completely online created issues with communication and gave way to several technical difficulties that had to be overcome in the months preceding the conference. During ILYMUN, while the Press Team was lucky to be all together in a common location, while the actual ongoing events of the conference were online, creating a hybrid situation we’ve never seen before. This meant more issues where Internet connection and interaction were concerned, especially concerning guest speaker interviews (that are usually conducted in person) needing to be done over Zoom.


However, this was a valuable opportunity for everyone to learn from their mistakes and improve future conferences. Being able to pull off ILYMUN 2021 with overall success is something we can be proud of for years to come.

ILYMUN 2021 Conference Trailer

Watch the video trailer for the ILYMUN Conference: the Cyberworld.

Article: Health & the Digital World

Article: Economic & Social Issues

By Eva Coudurier

Report on the deliberations of the Economic & Social Committee

Behind the Screens!

This fun video gives a real flavour of ILYMUN 2021's unique organisation!

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