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Edition 2 - January 2022



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ILYMUN 2021: Conference Report

Global pandemic? Travel restrictions? School and hospitality closures? No problem!


Despite the many, many obstacles that came their way, the ILYMUN Executive Team were determined to organise and deliver the annual ILYMUN conference.


Working closely with Mr Miller, Mr Rattos and Mr Badou they explored the different ways that they could take the conference online, eventually settling on a combination of platforms and technical solutions that would allow them to discuss, debate and vote - and have some fun as well. Clever use of social media and the positive attitude of all the students involved ensured that the conference went ahead as planned and was an excellent learning experience for all involved. 

Congratulations to all the students (and staff) at CSI, ISL and elsewhere who gave so generously of their time, expertise and patience to make this event such a resounding success!

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The ILYMUN 2021 Executive Team: (clockwise from left) Mathilde Le Luyer, Sarah Cotte, Raphaëlle Muller-Fuega, Marine Balay, Emma Andreetta, Maja Miszyńki, Toma Gouveia. 

  • Does my child need to be fluent in English to attend the Anglophone Section?
    All Anglophone Section students are expected to have age-appropriate native-level English language skills, in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Why is the Anglophone Section fee-paying?
    Of the nine International Sections at CSI Lyon, two of them, including the Anglophone Section, are fee-paying. While the other sections are generally subsidised by their national governments, the Anglophone Section receives no such funding from the British or American governments. As such the APESA charges school fees, which cover the cost of employing teaching and administrative staff and providing teaching materials and equipment. The Anglophone Section is an Association loi de 1901, which is a not-for-profit association governed by French law.
  • What are the school fees?
    You can find out more about the school fees here.
  • Where can I find more information about the teaching programmes?
    Information about the teaching programmes can be found under the Learning menu: For primary, please see here. For secondary, please see here.
  • When are the students in school? When does the school day begin and end?
    Primary Students attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 09h00 to 16h30, including the lunch break. There are no classes for primary students on Wednesdays but supervised extra-curricular activities are offered. Please see Primary timetable on the CSI Lyon website. Secondary Students attend school from Monday to Friday and classes may be scheduled between 08h00 to 17h30 or 18h30, depending on individual timetables. There are no classes on Saturday.
  • How will my child get to and from school?
    The CSI Lyon is located in Gerland, in the 7eme district of Lyon. There are several public transport options available, as well as a dedicated school bus service for younger pupils. Public Métro line B (blue line): ten minutes walk from the station ‘Stade de Gerland’ Bus n° 60 : bus stop ‘Institut Pasteur’ is very near the school Tram T1: ten minutes walk from the tram stop ‘Halle Tony Garnier’ Car: Street parking near the CSI (limited) and the nearest public car park is LPA-Tony Garnier in the rue Jonas Salk. Note : access to the road in front of the school is strictly prohibited for vehicles. Bike: Velo’v ( Like many cities, Lyon has a bike rental system called Velo’v. The nearest station to the school is ‘Borne 7049 Cité scolaire Internationale avenue Tony Garnier’ School Bus Service - Junior Direct Surprising as it may seem to parents of younger children, most pupils at the CSI take these buses unaccompanied. Parents are advised to accompany their children on the bus at the start of the school year, at least for the first few days until the child is familiar with the bus number and the route to and from the school gate. In the first week of the school year, primary children are taken to their bus at the end of the day by a member of staff. After this time, children are expected to travel independently. It is recommended that parents give children a card with their bus number and their parents’ cell phone numbers on it, in case there is a problem in the adjustment period. There are 14 school buses dedicated to the CSI Lyon. They serve most of Lyon and the surrounding area. The school buses are run by the Lyon transport network (TCL). The buses arrive at school at 08h40 and depart at 16h45(except Wednesdays) for primary and at 17h45 for secondary.The buses arrive and leave from rue Alexander Fleming, which is one street away from the school entrance. The school lines are called ‘Junior Direct’ and the dedicated lines for the CSI are 390, 391 A and B, 392, 393A and B, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398A and B, and 399. To travel on these buses, children need a monthly or annual travel card, which parents can obtain from a TCL office. For more information about routes and travel cards, please consult the TCL website: On the TCL website you can also sign up to have real time information sent to your mobile, if there is an issue with your bus, for example. Note that passengers are advised to be at their bus stop five minutes earlier than the time of departure. As a final word on this subject, it is worth noting that parents get to know each other very quickly at the bus stops, and parents can exchange mobile numbers in case of a problem. In addition, the bus drivers are very accessible and attentive to children in difficulty for whatever reason. After a few weeks, pupils - even the youngest ones - generally enjoy taking the bus and the independence it provides.
  • Is there a catchment area for the Anglophone Section at the CSI?
    There is no catchment area for the Anglophone Section but we do advise that potential applicants consider carefully how far they and their children will be able to travel to school on a daily basis. Public transport options are available (see question above).
  • Do you provide boarding facilities for students coming from abroad?
    No, the Anglophone Section does not provide boarding facilities.
  • What extracurricular activities are offered?
    The Anglophone Section offers a number extra-curricular activities: for primary, please see here for secondary, please see here. The CSI Lyon also offers a wide range of activities, which are presented at the start of the school year.
  • What are the canteen facilities?
    Canteen facilities are provided by the CSI Lyon, our host school, and are not included in the Anglophone Section school fees. Parents of primary pupils should note that families who live outside the Ville de Lyon boundary will not be eligible for reduced canteen charges. For more information about canteen facilities please see the CSI Lyon website: For primary - here. For secondary - collège, here. For secondary - lycée, here.
  • What are the school holiday dates?
    Schools holiday dates are set by the French government each year. You can find the dates for the current school year here. NB. Lyon is in Zone A.
  • Is there a special needs department?
    As an International Section within a French public school, the Anglophone Section doesn’t have a separate special needs department. In the French system, children with special educational needs are usually referred to external specialists and can, in certain cases, benefit from an individualised education plan which is set up by the specialist in question in collaboration with school teaching and medical services.
  • I've been asked to provide proof of "school insurance". What is this and what is it for?"
    If you have children of school age in France, you are required to provide proof of school insurance. This is known as "Assurance Scolaire" and it covers a child and his/her parents in case of injury caused to a third person (personal liability) or injury caused by a third party. Holders of a comprehensive insurance policy which covers the whole family should look very carefully to check which type of risks are actually covered by their contract. It is recommended that you ask your insurance company to provide all necessary details. Parents can obtain school insurance from their own insurance company or choose a contract recommended by the parents’ association.
  • What do I need to know for the first day of school?
    La rentrée is a busy time for all families, especially those that are new to the school and the Anglophone Section. Details of the back-to-school schedule will be sent out by the CSI administration directly to all families. The Anglphone Section will also make an English-language version of the planning available on the website. Back-to-school meetings are held in Primary (usually for parents on the first morning of term), and in Secondary (each year group will have a separate meeting organised). Some general reminders for new families are presented below: Confirm the date of the first day of school (la rentrée). Make sure your child has the necessary stationary and equipment for both French and English classes. If your child is going to take the school bus, make sure he/she has a valid TCL card, you and they know which bus to take, and at what time. If your child is in primary, make sure he or she has your mobile phone numbers and the bus number in his/her pocket or in the school bag. Make sure you have arranged school insurance for your child (see FAQ above).

Find out more about ILYMUN

Visit the ILYMUN website to find out more about the history of ILYMUN, the various committees that were established, the debates and the voting results.

In this selection of articles and videos from the 2021 Conference you can find out more about the committees, the topics of discussion and the debates - and what goes on behind-the-screens!

Special focus: the ILYMUN 2021 Press Team

This year, the Press Team played a more important role than usual in ILYMUN. Not only were there the annual trailer and the opening and closing ceremonies to film, but due to the conference being online, the content the Press Team put out allowed ILYMUN to be seen, to be heard, and to show the world that despite these uncertain times, young people everywhere continue to be engaged in finding solutions to major global issues and making the world a better place.


That’s not to say we were without complications! Adapting to our organisation being almost completely online created issues with communication and gave way to several technical difficulties that had to be overcome in the months preceding the conference. During ILYMUN, while the Press Team was lucky to be all together in a common location, while the actual ongoing events of the conference were online, creating a hybrid situation we’ve never seen before. This meant more issues where Internet connection and interaction were concerned, especially concerning guest speaker interviews (that are usually conducted in person) needing to be done over Zoom.


However, this was a valuable opportunity for everyone to learn from their mistakes and improve future conferences. Being able to pull off ILYMUN 2021 with overall success is something we can be proud of for years to come.

ILYMUN 2021 Conference Trailer

Watch the video trailer for the ILYMUN Conference: the Cyberworld.

Article: Health & the Digital World

Article: Economic & Social Issues

By Eva Coudurier

Report on the deliberations of the Economic & Social Committee

Behind the Screens!

This fun video gives a real flavour of ILYMUN 2021's unique organisation!

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