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All applicants need to be aware of the criteria for admissions that are applied at the CSI Lyon and the Anglophone Section. These are clearly set out in our Before You Apply page and in the Admissions & Testing: Information for Applicants guide. To make an informed decision about whether to apply to the Anglophone Section, all families need to read these carefully before starting the application process. 

Administrative Fees 2024-2025

An administrative fee will be charged for each application to the Anglophone Section. The fee is non-refundable and applicable to all applicants, including those who have applied to the Section previously.

  • Applications to primary: €200

  • Applications to secondary (collège & lycée): €250

Important: for applications to collège  & lycée, the administrative fee(s) should be paid directly to the Anglophone Section at the same time as the completed application dossier is submitted to the CSI Lyon administration. Application dossier(s) will not be processed until the administrative fee has been received in full.


Full instructions regarding payment of the administrative fees will be sent to all parents along with the application form. 

Admissions & Testing Process: 2024-2025

Please note:

  • Applications to primary (école primaire) and to secondary (collège & lycée) are dealt with separately, and the procedures involved are quite different. Please ensure that you follow the correct procedure as shown on the tabs Applying to Primary and Applying to Collège & Lycée.

  • You will need to make a separate application for each child that you are applying for.

  • Please don't duplicate or copy the application forms or any other documents provided by the school. All applications must be pre-registered by requesting an application form from the CSI Lyon. 

All applicants to the Anglophone Section will be tested to assess their level of English.


French and / or Maths tests may be required: individual testing requirements will be confirmed by the CSI administration.

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