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Edition 1 - November 2021



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Message from the Head of Section

Dear Parents,


Welcome to the first edition of Newsbite for the academic year 2021-22. 


We start the year with the greatest number of students we have ever had in the Section. 

Our aim during this first half-term has been to review and adjust the teaching and learning environment to maximise student engagement, whilst continuing to respect the constraints imposed by the Covid-19 restrictions.


I am pleased to report that conditions in school for teachers and students have improved considerably as restrictions have lifted somewhat; in many ways we are beginning to return to something approaching "normal". Our extra-curricular activities and clubs have resumed meeting in school (see the range of activities on offer this year). In early December the Model United Nations (MUN) team will run a 4-day online conference (ILYMUN) which will engage around 400 students in different schools across the world in online debates. Our libraries have re-opened for lending and we have been able to welcome back our team of dedicated parent-volunteers.


Communication is important during these times: I strongly encourage all our families to visit the Anglophone Section website regularly for news and updates on events and Section activities. 


The current situation remains complex for us all. However, I believe that thanks to the professional and personal devotion of Anglophone Section teachers and staff; the excellent work of the APESA Board; the support of all of the administration and staff of the CSI; and the amazing spirit of our students and their parents, we will continue to successfully confront the challenges. We need to focus on the values and objectives which unite us.


I wish you all a safe and healthy year.


Rob Miller

Head of the Anglophone Section

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