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Edition 3 - June 2021



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End-of-year message from the Head of Section

The academic year 2020-21 has been one of the most challenging years we have had to face as a Section. It started with distancing and masking for all and various safety protocols involving pupil “bubbles”, one-way systems and hand-sanitising: it has finished with “hybrid” timetables and radically-altered exam arrangements. Two years ago, who would have thought that we would be “flipping” classes, teaching asynchronously online, participating in virtual conseils de classe and constructing complicated timetables? A whole new vocabulary has emerged to incorporate these changes, which may in turn revolutionise the way we approach teaching and learning. It has been a momentous learning curve for us all: teachers, administrators, managers, parents and students alike.


The staff of the Anglophone Section, and indeed all the staff in the CSI Lyon, have worked diligently and creatively to support the students during these challenging times. I’m sincerely grateful for the efforts they have made to create a sense of normality during this intense period of change. The fruits of their labour are clear to be seen in the great progress that our students have made through the year. Exams, in one form or another, have been completed; university applications have been submitted; and various other projects have been achieved, such as welcoming scientists and authors to cross the digital frontiers, enter into our classrooms and enrich our students’ learning environment.


Times of adversity can result in great innovation. A clear example of this has been the MUN (Model United Nations) group whose annual ILYMUN conference (usually held in February and involving up to 350 delegates from across the world) was cancelled. Despite this blow they worked hard to adapt to the changing conditions, as did the other clubs and activities that are organised by the Section.

Last week, a very successful Kermesse for the primary pupils was organised by APESA parent-volunteers. It is a clear and very welcome sign that we have made significant progress despite the constraints of the Covid regulations. This gives us hope that the next academic year will be one in which we can build upon our recent experiences to further enhance the learning environment for our students.


On behalf of the staff of the Anglophone section I wish to thank our students, the APESA Board and our parents for all of your positive collaboration and support throughout the year. We wish you a safe and restful summer and we look forward to a peaceful return in September 2021.

Best wishes, 

Rob Miller, Head of the Anglophone Section

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