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Edition 2 - January 2022



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Message from the Head of Section

Dear Parents,


Happy New Year and I hope that this will be a year of peace, health and happiness for us all.


As covid restrictions limited our festivities and separated us from loved ones overseas, the start of 2022 was maybe not the brightest. Returning to school after the break though, and hearing the friendly greetings and laughter start to ring through the empty spaces of the school, reminds us that there is comfort to be found in the company of our fellow classmates and colleagues, for students and staff alike.


I’m always warmed by the amazing energy and resilience of our students, teachers and APESA staff who, despite all the challenges, strive to learn, to develop, to create and to find happiness in our complicated world. Examples of this can be seen in the wonderful work produced in our primary classes, creating a sound basis for the  development which goes on through collège and lycée. It can be seen in the inspiring programme of extra-curricular activities, where the students are encouraged to take the initiative and to develop their own skills at the same time as they reach out to help others.


ILYMUN 2021, held on 1-4 December 2021, was an incredible success. Our talented and hardworking executive team built the conference out of the robust logistic and thematic framework created by the team of 2020. The conference, held online, brought together over 400 students in debates, discussion and activities, all led by our students.  What struck me most, was how they succeeded in making a non-contact event feel like a very ‘human’ experience. They created an environment where conflicting opinions could be aired and discussed in a rational and constructive manner; where positive solutions could be sought, considered and debated; and where friendships were created and thrived.


I have no doubt that we shall face more challenges this year. However, I’m convinced that by working together as a community we will continue to support our students through these times. I’m very grateful for the excellent work done by our staff and the active support provided by our Board and parents as we move towards the projects we have planned for this new term. 


Rob Miller

Head of the Anglophone Section

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