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The University Guidance Service aims to support students as they explore their future career options and to make informed choices about higher education. International higher education is a complicated subject, and we aim to provide support and guidance as our students work through the process of research, applications and making a final choice. 

The University Guidance Service

Personalised Advice

Within the Section Ms David and Ms Cassan have taken on the roles of University Guidance advisers. Students and / or parents can contact them in the first instance on to arrange an initial meeting. At this meeting, the adviser will work with the student to clarify the steps they will need to take and to give specific advice on different courses, subjects, countries and institutions.  

To ensure that the UG advisers are able to meet the needs of all the students who register to use the UG service, all students and parents will be asked to read and sign the University Guidance Service Agreement

Presentations for each year group

Each year a series of presentations are organised for parents and students, focusing on the specific needs of each year group:

  • 3ème: first steps and choosing a stage to support your university applications.

  • 2nde: what spécialities should you choose if you are interested in studying Arts & Humanities / Maths & Science? 

  • 1ère: researching your options to study in the UK / US / Canada / Ireland / Rest of the World.

  • Terminale: applying to university this year? Key information to finalise your applications.

The presentations are made available to students and parents after the meeting, on our Communication & Presentations page. 


UNIFROG is a powerful research and organisational tool, a ‘one-stop-shop’ where students can research university courses taught in English across the world. UNIFROG accounts are made available to students (and parents) from 3eme upwards. Initial access details are sent by email to all students. They can then log onto the UNIFROG platform and create their own account, which they will keep until the end of their time at the CSI Lyon. 

University Guidance & Support

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Applying to University in the UK?

Click here to find out more.


Applying to University in the US?

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Applying to University in Canada?

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Applying to University in the Netherlands?

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The most popular overseas destinations for Anglophone Section students are the UK, US & Canada, and the Netherlands. Specific guidance for each of these is provided below, including timelines, deadlines and other key information for students - starting in 3ème and extending through to Terminale. Students should note that this is general advice, and they should always clarify their individual situation with a University Guidance adviser. 

Applying to University in the UK

Studying in the UK provides access to high-quality education, a diverse range of programs, and a culturally rich environment, all while making the most of your English language skills. UK universities are globally recognised for their academic excellence, and the country's strong connections with industries offer excellent employability prospects. Additionally, the UK's historical and cultural attractions, along with its favorable post-study work visa system, make it an appealing destination for international students seeking a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.

Find out more:


Study UK

Post-bac studies at French institutions​

Advice is available from the conseillère d'orientation for collège and lycée at the CSI Lyon (Mme Khalouche, by appointment only. To make an appointment students should contact the vie scolaire for collège / lycée). Students can also approach French subject teachers and their professeur(e) principal(e) for advice. 

Various events are organised each year at the CSI Lyon including the INTERSEC Careers Fair for 2nde students, where parent-volunteers make presentations about different career options. There are also the Journées de l’Enseignement supérieur and the Semaine de l’orientation, which are usually held early in the year before Parcoursup (French government platform for applying to higher education in France) opens.

Please note that while the UNIFROG platform will provide information on courses taught in France, in English, it doesn't cover French language courses at French institutions. 

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