Edition 3
March 2020

Snippets from Primary

This term in CP we have been doing some very interesting work on the Arctic and Antarctic. We have been looking at the different habitats and how animals survive in these extreme conditions. We have also had lots of fun and made our own habitats in class! 

This term in CE1 we have been learning all about traditional tales - with a twist. We discovered the true story of the 3 little pigs and interviewed Mr A Wolf to find out how he was framed. We laughed out loud as Prince Cinders won the heart of Princess Lovelypenny even though he had been transformed into a gorilla. We followed the story of Somebody, a curious bear who just happened to break into an unsuspecting family’s house to help himself to their porridge. The students then worked really hard to turn these stories into plays and learn songs to present as a show. 

CE2 have begun reading Ted Hughes’ classic novel, The Iron Man. We’ve used Chapter 1 to remind ourselves about onomatopoeia and similes. We wrote poems using onomatopoeia, then drew the Iron Man and labelled him with similes 

In CM1 We have just begun our new and exciting topic and have been sailing into the history of the Titanic! We will be looking at the events of this very tragic event and becoming history detectives to try to uncover who was really responsible for the sinking of the Titanic. 

To further our knowledge of Freidrich (the first character in our story) CM2 attended a fantastic concert at the Lyon Auditorium to learn how to conduct an orchestra. It was a fabulous event and really brought the art of conducting to life for us.


Honorary Musical Director of the Lyon Auditorium

News from Collège 

 6eme Language & Literature 


Shakespeare will be our next big unit in 6eme! We will explore language and iambic pentameter through the study of Romeo & Juliet. By incorporating the film version by Baz Lurham the students will see how the play is able to remain contemporary with its themes. 

5eme TED Talks


Students have been working hard on preparing their very own Ted Talk. Students researched a topic that was important to them. We have such a variety of topics from pollution in cities to whether or not video gaming should be an olympic sport. We are impressed with the depth and clarity that the students have developed their ideas. It is sure to be a great event when they present their talks. 

4eme Language & Literature


We have continued to examine our theme of injustice through the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Students have been delving into the complexities of the novel and discovering how the world has changed (and has not). As we finish our novel study we will move on to Merchant of Venice and link the novel and play to look at the themes they have in common. 

3eme Language & Literature


The students are just finishing up A View from the Bridge and have watched the theater version of the play to help with their coursework which is focused on conflict. They have explored this theme and the theater version really made it explicit. The students will then move on to studying poetry in their anthologies. 

INTRODUCINGMs Francesca Doggart, Language & Literature Teacher 


Theater: Last weekend, I went to see a 1hr play by Mona Chollet called Beauté Fatale. Five women sat behind dressing tables covered in make-up, creams and powders, and told the audience about their experiences of trying to live up to unrealistic beauty standards. I understood only about 20% of the words spoken, but the message was clear nonetheless! Podcast : I've been listening to an interesting podcast called Fresh to Death, in which two British Asian women discuss their experiences of illness, grief and loss. It's refreshing to listen to two people talking so freely about topics that are often avoided or silenced.