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Edition 2 - January 2022



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Message from the APESA Board

Dear Parents,

Winter finds us facing (with masks on, of course!) the ongoing challenges of the Covid epidemic with teacher and student absences keeping everyone on their toes if not under the covers! We are ever grateful to have such wonderful staff, and we thank them for their diligence and dedication in keeping the Section on track at this difficult time.  We also thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we navigate evolving conditions and regulations.  

The Board has been busy with many changes and projects, among them the recruitment of a new Head of Section, as well as our mission to expand the university guidance services provided by the Section. Those of you with children in lycée will have received an invitation to take part in a short survey regarding the latter. Your responses are invaluable and we thank you in advance for taking the time to respond. In other news, we are closely monitoring the introduction of the new Baccalauréat Français International (BFI) which will replace the Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB), trying to assess its future impact on the Section, while our senior Section leaders provide direct input about how it will be organised. Of course, we will keep everyone informed of these developments as the French Government makes things more clear.

As you may already know, a number of our staff hold additional positions of responsibility in the Section.  Among Tom Badou’s other duties, we are very happy to announce that he will now assume the role of the Section’s International Lyon Model United Nations (ILYMUN) Coordinator.  With his experience and enthusiasm, we look forward to the ongoing success of ILYMUN at the CSI.  We are also delighted to inform you that fellow parent, Kirsi Heikkila-Zenone, interviewed for a temporary position on the administration team. As the best candidate, she will thus take a hiatus from her  place on the APESA Board. We extend our congratulations to Tom and Kirsi, both!

Finally, it's apparent we are going into another semester with limited chances to hold school events and field trips. Regardless, we would like to thank all our volunteers who have been helping as much as they possibly can whenever we ask for help.  It is always appreciated - and fun! -  and we remain optimistic we'll have more occasions to recruit your assistance as the school year continues.

We hope you and your family stay warm and healthy.

The APESA Board

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