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Edition 3 - April 2022



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Getting involved in the Anglophone Section Community

The new Volunteer Committee has been created by the Board to address some of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the wider Anglophone Section community. During the months of lockdown, strict protocols sanitaires and other restrictions it was very difficult for our community to get together in person. Open Days, Christmas Markets, coffee mornings, celebrations etc: all of these have had to be cancelled or put on hold during the last two years. From the perspective of the APESA, this has also meant losing two years of volunteer involvement and community engagement. 

The Volunteer Committee plans to change this

The aim of the new committee is to become a focal point for community events and to help parents find fun ways to become involved in the life of the Section and the school. The benefits of volunteer-parent involvement are clear to see: parent-volunteers run our libraries, organise our social events in school and outside, help new families settle into Lyon and thus enrich the life of the Section for children and families.

We are very excited to be looking forward to planning a fun programme of events and activities for the Anglophone Section community.

Get involved!

Parents are welcome to get involved with the Volunteer Committee at any point. We regularly look for volunteers to help with specific events and are especially grateful to people who are willing to organise events - from regular, school-based events like parties, the kermesse, the Open Day and the Christmas Market, to more informal social activities just for Anglophone Section parents and families: coffee mornings, walks, boat trips, picnics etc. We are particularly keen to organise some events to help new families settle into Lyon and the CSI at la rentrée 2022. So if you have any bright ideas and are able to contribute some time and energy to make them happen - get in touch!

Looking for volunteers to help run the primary Kermesse: please sign-up if you can help!

The primary kermesse (school fair) will be held on Friday 17th June this year: a welcome return to 'normality' for all our primary pupils.


Our parent-volunteers Audrey Davidenkoff and Polina Kuklina are making great progress in organising for the day. As outlined in the message sent previously to all primary parents (read the full message here) we are looking for parents to help out in the following ways:

  • Sign up to run one of the Anglophone Section stands for a 1.5hr time slot on the day  Please sign up using this Doodle

  • Provide goodies / treats to be sold at the Anglophone Section stalls. They need to be individually wrapped, in plastic bags / clingfilm and a list of ingredients provided for display alongside. Donations should be sent to school with your child(ren) on the morning of the Kermesse. 

  • Donate prizes for the Tombola: We will need lots of small prizes to ensure that every ticket is a winner! Suitable prizes include: small items of stationery, toys, gifts, novelty items etc. New items only please, suitable for children. Donations can be left at M. Fino's office at any time. 

We are counting on all primary parents to help make this day a big success for our children! Please help out in whichever way you can: you can contact Audrey and Polina on at any time.

Coffee Morning on 6th May at the CSI Lyon: all parents welcome!

A 'Welcome Back' Coffee Morning & Book Sale is being organised at the school on the 6th May. Coffee, tea and pastries will be provided for parents in the lycée cantine; a range of pre-loved English children's books will be on sale; and parents will have the opportunity to socialise.


If you want to join us, please RSVP to (for security reasons all parents will need to register in advance and show ID on arrival at the lycée entrance). The event will run between 08h30 and 10h30, giving us plenty of time to catch up.

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Coffee Morning

Friday 6th May
08h30 to 10h30
Lycée cantine, CSI Lyon

All Anglophone Section parents are invited to join us for coffee, tea, pastries - and a proper chat! 

and pre-loved English children's book sale

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