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Edition 3 - April 2022



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News from Collège 

6ème Language & Literature

Celebrating International Women's Day - Tuesday 8th March 2022

Inspired by International Women's Day on 8th March this year, students in 6ème spent some time researching a famous woman and considering her impact in the world. They also created posters to display what they had found out about their chosen subject. 

They have also been working hard studying all the elements that make up an adventure story in preparation for writing their own and learning how to use Adobe Spark Video to make a video showcasing their understanding of the elements of an adventure story.

5eme History / Geography


This term students have been exploring the exciting events of the English Civil War. This will culminate in a MUN-type debate where the students will consider the controversial topic of whether Britain should become a republic.


4eme History / Geography


Having recently finished our big unit on globalisation and its effects on development, trade etc students have started to study the Industrial Revolution. This involves learning about the many inventions and innovations of the past that we still rely on today. We are also looking at child labour and how ideas about children and work have evolved over time.

CHild labour.png

3ème History / Geography

3ème students have been learning about the European Union and developing an understanding of the history and geopolitics of the region. The recent events in Ukraine highlight some of the issues around immigration and movement of people into and within the EU and will provide a key talking point for students. 

Refugee map.png
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