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Edition 3 - June 2021



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News from Collège 

 6ème History / Geography 


The students finished studying Cold Zones through a virtual field trip with a scientist examining climate change in Greenland. After Cold Zones the students moved on to Hot Zones. By exploring the city of Dubai students focused on all the adaptations necessary to build a city in the desert. 


 6ème Language & Literature

We have been discovering Shakespeare. The students were able to try their hand at writing their own sonnets (from an Ode to a Cup of Tea to an Ode to a Precious Husky) and then explored the language and story of Romeo & Juliet. Their final project explored writing a movie review after watching the film.

Romeo & Juliet 1.jpeg

5eme Language & Literature


Our final unit this year was reading and exploring the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell. The students discovered and focused on the topic of power and how power corrupts. The students made connections to our present world and created strong links to where power can go wrong. 

Animal farm.jpeg

4eme Language & Literature


The final novel study of the year was To Kill a Mockingbird and students did an excellent job, despite the tough circumstances, exploring the difficult topics the book explores. Students were able to learn more about the complicated history of the American South and connected to their narrator Scout as she discovers more about Maycomb AL. 

Mockingbird photo.jpeg
Kill a mockingbird cover.jpeg

3ème Language & Literature

This trimester, 3eme focused on preparing for the Brevet oral in English. The subject this year was the concept of The Outsider in literature and why this is such an enduring theme. The students had to prepare a dossier of sources exploring this concept and choose two sources that they found themselves where outsiders featured. The sources they chose ranged from films including Hidden Figures, to novels including Harry Potter and TV series including Stranger Things. All the 3eme students did a fantastic job of presenting in an engaged and articulate way in the oral and everyone achieved high grades. Congratulations 3eme students!

3ème History / Geography 


This term the 3ème worked predominantly on the topic of The European Union.


They looked at the dynamics of the union, studied how it is organised and how decisions at an EU level impact on the everyday lives of people living in the EU. They compared different regions and discussed some of the major problems facing the EU (Brexit, Migration, Pollution). They also revised the other aspects of the course for their Brevet which took place in May. 

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