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Edition 2 - January 2022



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News from Collège 

6ème Language & Literature


Students have been exploring discrimination and the life of immigrants through the novel Front Desk by Kelly Yang. The main character, a Chinese immigrant to California, experiences many difficulties integrating into her new home. We identified and talked about the character traits of the main character that help her to overcome these challenges. Students will be moving on to our adventure stories unit and will write their very own adventure story!


Special Mini-Project

The students of 6eme A spent some time this week banishing the January blues by creating positive index cards for a classroom display designed to inspire and bring joy to their fellow students. The mini project was inspired by the book Flight of the Puffin by Ann Braden, in which 4 young people are connected through an act of kindness; the creation of positive messages on colourful index cards to give to strangers who need a boost! We hope this cheerful display will have the same effect on other students using the classroom who might need a reminder of how great they are! For those interested, there are several copies of Flight of the Puffin in the Anglophone library. 

Ms Coghlan

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5eme History / Geography


This term students have been exploring the mediaeval past of Europe and the Islamic Empires, which has allowed them to explore their skills in creative writing by creating a rather more historically-accurate version of the movie A Knight's Tale.

Empty Prayer Room

4eme History / Geography


In History the students have been learning about the transatlantic slave trade (16th - 19th centuries) and the long-term consequences of this, which has fed into our studies of globalisation, trade and development in Geography.

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3ème Language & Literature

The American Dream and all it encompasses have been explored through our reading of the classic Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.


We are moving into our study of A View from the Bridge and began our unit this week watching the National Theatre production of the play. We may not be able to visit the UK theatres at the moment, but even virtually, students were engaged in the performance.

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