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Edition 1 - November 2021



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News from Collège 

 6ème History / Geography 


Hurricanes and tsunamis have been at the centre of what the 6eme HG students have been exploring. We have been looking at coastal areas in particular, how they are impacted by both tourism and weather, and how these in turn will affect the way people live. Students will be creating a newspaper article to delve deeper on a specific hurricane or tsunami event of their choice.

Tropical Storm

News from Lycée 

5eme Language & Literature


Poetry has been the focus of the first main unit of the year. Students have had lots of practice exploring poetry relating to family, including writing their own metaphor poem. Students will have a chance to prepare a poem to present in the Poetry by Heart competition to be held in Paris later this year. Next students will begin to examine life as a refugee through our class novel that looks at the lives of three children during three different points in history.

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4eme Language & Literature


Murder and Mystery; what could be better? The students have been exploring what 'responsibility' means through their study of the play An Inspector Calls by JB Priestley. From writing their own speeches to defending different characters and their responsibility in the death of a young girl, students have been learning to form strong arguments and work on their debating skills. We will continue to explore elements of a play and the theme as we finish off our study.


3ème History / Geography 


America in the "Roaring Twenties" leading into the Great Depression has been our recent area of study in History.  Given the New Deal and the current Infrastructure & Relief Bill being considered in the US right now we are able to connect what we are learning to current ideas and events, and to consider how these continue to be very relevant topics for discussion. We will be moving into totalitarianism in the 20th century next. 


1ere US Language & Literature Museum Trip: Les rubans de l'intime

Ms Empana, OIB US LL teacher & trip organiser

On Wednesday 20 October our two Premiere OIB US literature classes visited an exciting exhibition on lace, corsets and "intimate apparel" in St Etienne, at the Art and Industry Museum, in connection with one of the plays on our syllabus. Intimate Apparel is about a young black seamstress who sews intimate apparel for wealthy patrons in New-York city at the turn of the 20th century. Our students got a taste of what 19th century boudoirs looked like. We also considered what the notion of 'intimacy' meant at that time in history and how the ideas of 'decency' have evolved over time.


The highlight of our visit was probably when we were able to experience what it was like to wear a corset! 

Les rubans de l'intime: exhibition at the Musée d'Art et Industrie, St Etienne

The exhibition explores the notion of intimacy through underwear laces, what it hides or reveals of the body, how it is used as an object of seduction.  It shows the evolution of the cultural border between what is accepted or not, decent or indecent.  It traces the cultural history of underwear and intimacy through the main evolutions of body wear and raises questions about the social interaction between- and social representation of - gender.  Lace is presented as  one of the elements of intimacy, a notion which is at the crossroads of ethnology, pyschology and sociology.  To speak about intimacy is to evoke private spaces such as the boudoir which appears in the 18th century. It is also to speak about the body as a natural and physical entity, as well as a cultural entity subjected to norms and social standards that are specific to a time and place.

The exhibition runs till the 31 December 2021. Click here to find out more about visiting. 

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