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Edition 4 - June 2022



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ILYMUN Conference 2022/2023

The teams have been assembled. The venue has been confirmed. The key roles have been appointed. The theme has been proposed, debated and - eventually - agreed upon. After a 2-year break, this year's ILYMUN (International Lyon Model United Nations) team are ready to jump straight into organising and delivering a successful return to the ILYMUN Conference. 


This year's team face a particular set of challenges. Due to Covid restrictions and the suspension of the event for the last two years, they have never benefited from experiencing a 'live event' in their 1ère year, and last year's Terminale students were unable to to pass on their advice as they too missed out on the opportunity to organise a face-to-face event. Nonetheless, the team are wholly committed to delivering the conference this year. The theme that has been chosen: "Sovereignty: law, land and limits" will allow the participants to explore a wide range of highly topical issues, from war and conflict to the rise of nationalist politics and the impacts of this across the world. 

Introducing the Special Events Co-ordinator: M. Tom Badou

Many of you already know Tom as one of the key members of the Section's administration team. He has recently taken on an extra role within the Section as Special Events Co-ordinator, with a particular responsibility for the logistical and organisational aspects of the ILYMUN conference. In his own words, Tom told us a bit about what to expect from ILYMUN 2022


"With Mr Miller’s retirement, our students and ILYMUN are not only losing a mentor but also an invaluable leader. Hopefully, after working behind the scenes for 10 years, helping our wonderful teams and Mr Miller shape their many ideas into a concrete organisation, I will be able to carry on and above all, to help put ILYMUN back to its real place after a two-year hiatus due to COVID.

Following the fantastic and successful online edition of our Conference that took place in December 2021, our students are eager to go back “live”. The Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes has kindly agreed to have us back and we are now waiting impatiently for the final confirmation and dates.

ILYMUN is a strength, not only for the students in charge of the organisation but for all the participants and the CSI as well, and I will do my best to carry on that legacy."


Green & Humanitarian Clubs



As part of the Fête de la nature 2022 organised by the eco-delegués at the CSI Lyon, the collège Green & Humanitarian Club has set up an display in the rue Centrale to raise awareness about threats to biodiversity, using different methods to communicate with their audience. They created a series of posters to share information about threatened wildlife around the world, using their own fundraising efforts as an illustration of how people can get involved.


The club has raised hundreds of euros this year in various projects, and used it to 'adopt' various endangered species from tigers to corals. They also came up with a competition for collège students: to create a model of a sea creature using only toilet toll tubes and other recycled materials! This clearly caught the imagination of many students, with a range of ingenious creations being entered into the competition (scroll through the images above). The three overall winners are shown below. Well done to Bo Black, Charlie Price, Nikola Berket and Miranda Whibley for all their hard work in the last year. 

Amélie Robertson

Lisa Casalie

Tifanie Julien

Well done to the Green & Humanitarian Club for a very successful year of raising awareness and fundraising.​

Grand Total: €524,00

2nde Drama Trip to Paris


After a gap of two long years, we are very happy to announce that the first residential trip since the Covid restrictions were lifted has been a big success! Although it wasn't possible to visit London this year Ms Kincade and Mr Gilroy, with support from M. Badou in the office, managed to put together an action-packed, drama-filled trip to Paris. A total of 22 Drama Option students took part.

Highlights of the trip included:

  • Guided visits to the Comédie Française, the Théâtre Dunois, the Cinémathèque Musée Méliès and the Opéra Garnier. 

  • A theatre workshop session with the English-language drama group 'Drama Ties'

  • Three different performances: comedy, musical and drama. 

We would like to thank Ms Kincade and Mr Gilroy for all the energy and enthusiasm they have put into organising and leading this trip, coming with a great programme of activities and keeping everything running to schedule. 

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