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Edition 3 - April 2022



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Green & Humanitarian Clubs



Collège Green Club: raising awareness of food waste

On Friday 8th April three collège students from the Green Club visited the CM1 classes in primary to teach them about food waste and to raise awareness about the issue. They prepared a fun and informative  presentation (see below) and shared lots of ideas on how to reduce food waste. Thanks to Bo Black, Nikola Berket and Charlie Price for all their hard work on this project. 

Food waste 2.png
Food waste.png
Food waste presentation.png

Lycée Green Club: launching a digital spring clean challenge!

The Lycée Green Club are setting the CSI Lyon a challenge for spring: to undertake a thorough digital spring clean of our inboxes!


There are many steps we can take to reduce our digital carbon footprint including:

  • Reviewing all your online accounts and deleting any that you don't use

  • Set up and use a password manager

  • Clean your PC to improve your performance (and your security) 

  • Organize and store your photos 

  • Delete old apps and all the data associated with them

  • Shred your old files and encrypt the important files you’re holding on to.


The club are challenging staff and students at the CS Lyon to delete as many emails as they can from their accounts, and to record how many. The final total will be shared around the school towards the end of the school year. 

Mobile Phone
Typing on laptop

Sing-along with the Glee Club


Ms Wielemaker launched the 'Glee Club' at the start of last year. With a background in music education, she was really keen to give students an opportunity to express their creative side. The Glee Club meets every 2nd week in the auditorium at school. The students (8-9 regulars) decide what songs they want to tackle - usually popular songs that they all know. Together, they learn different harmonies that work with the songs they have selected. Ms Wielemaker says "The hardest part for the students has been learning to hold a harmony while the person next to you is singing a different part... but we are getting increasingly confident at singing solos because in a small voice group, all the voices are heard!". 


6ème & 5ème trip to the Grotte Chauvet 2

Ms. ROZE and other APESA / CSI staff

Due to Covid restrictions the annual 6ème trip to the Grotte Chauvet 2 site had to be cancelled in 2020 and then postponed in 2021, which was disappointing for all the pupils. Their patience has been rewarded however, with a great day out, organised for both year groups together by Ms Rozé and the 7 other staff members who volunteered to help supervise the trip. 

The excitement levels were just about high enough to counteract the effects of the (very) early start, as the 6ème & 5ème students gathered at the school bus stop on Monday morning. After the 3-hour bus journey, we emerged from the coaches into bright sunshine and moved quickly through the entrance area. Our guides were waiting to meet us, ready to lead us through an exciting programme of activities as we explored the site, the exhibitions in the museum, visited the replica caves and learnt all about cave painting - and even had the chance to create some of our own artworks! The tour of the replica cave was a real highlight as we learned about the former inhabitants of the caves (mostly bears rather than humans) and the mysterious prehistoric artworks that were created and preserved there. Our picnic lunch was eaten outside, overlooking the beautiful landscape of the Ardèche and there was plenty of time to run around and explore the site.

The trip was a great success and big thanks are due to Ms Rozé and the other staff for all their hard work in making sure the day went smoothly. A selection of photos from the trip are shared below. 

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